Taster Days

Your child is very welcome to come and join us for a Taster Day in order that they may experience first-hand the opportunities available to them at Worksop College.

We are able to offer outstanding facilities and high academic standards.  Small class sizes.  Excellent Music, Sport, Art, DT and extra-curricular opportunities.  Superb pastoral care and happy and successful pupils.  We run extensive bus services from a wide surrounding area.  Scholarships and Bursaries available.

To arrange a Taster Day for your child, please contact Mrs Dale Shaw, T: 01909 537155 or E: admissions@wsnl.co.uk.

A Warm Welcome 


I want you to be the best that you can be.  If you are destined to join one of the world's finest Universities, you will flourish here; if you are an outstanding sportsman or woman, you will flourish here; if you are a talented artist or musician, you will flourish here; if you have not yet discovered your talents, we will help you to flourish and to be the best that you can be.

Worksop College is a remarkable school in a stunning setting with exceptional facilities and a talented teaching staff.  Success, in whatever field, takes hard work and even involves failure along the way.  At Worksop College what matters is the individual, their aspirations and their talents.  The system of Tutors and Houses means that students are individually supported and challenged.

Please come and see for yourself, from this website and from a visit to the school, what the future could hold.





Worksop College, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3AP. T. 01909 537100. E: enquiries@wsnl.co.uk